Pointed Picket Fences Perfect For Borders and Edging


pointed_picket4Picket fences are a type of fence often used decoratively for domestic boundaries, often distinguished by their evenly spaced vertical boards, the pickets, attached to horizontal rails.

Protection and demarcation on corners and borders of flower beds, lawn and open plan spaces.
Prevent people from cutting the corner on foot, prams, hose pipes, equipment et al.
Deter small animals from entering a space

Until the introduction of advertising on fences in the 1980s, cricket fields were usually surrounded by picket fences, giving rise to the expression rattling the pickets for a ball hit firmly into the fence.

Pointed Picket Fence

  • Very useful for demarking borders and boundaries
  • Protects the corners of beds an lawns
  • Adds style to edges.
  • Prevents machinery, hose pipes and people from cutting corners and spoiling them.
  • Makes a clear demarcation between the paths and the beds.
  • Deters small animals from entering the protected space.
  • DIY so simple

No Nails, No Screws, No Holes to Dig, but a mallet will be useful for helping the posts into the ground.

Height of fence: 45cm
Height of pointed post above ground: 26cm

For full details simply view our new Border and Edging category.

Prices start at just £4.95


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New Product – Tubby Tuber Box

tubby_tuber2Have you seen our new Tubby Tuber Box? As tubers accumulate now for harvesting or for keeping for next year’s growing stock I draw your attention to the Tubby Tuber Box. It is so useful for keeping the tubers dry and frost free over winter. You could of course – it is not too late – take your geranium cuttings now and root them in a Tubby Box with some home-made compost.

When clearing out the tomatoes from the greenhouse later they will be well rooted and ready to store out of the cold and winter weather ready for potting and putting out next May.

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Memories of Soft Stoned Fruit – Greengage and Victoria

mehu_Liisa_steamer2Now that the domestic soft fruit is in good harvest keeping for the rest of the year, we turn our attention to the stoned fruit.  I remember as a small kid returning from a trip to visit an aunt living near to Worcester and we stopped on the roadside where Mother filled the spaces in our small car with plums!! All colours they were, and they were packed to the roof. My brother and I had nowhere to put our feet. We couldn’t move in the back seat. Luckily we loved plums, though to this day my favourites are Greengage and a well flavoured Victoria. Days of intense preservation followed and many a fruit pie consumed.

Curiously I can still recall the delicious flavours of a spoonful of stewed plums on a bowl of rice pudding. Sadly this dish is unrepeatable these days. We cannot buy proper milk anymore and you cannot make a decent rice pudding with that wonderfully caramelly skin. Does anybody know how to make toffee brown skin on rice pud these days? Please, please tell me -.

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We Just Love The Henchman Double Patio Compost Tumbler

We’re delighted to be able to offer you the Henchman Double Patio Composter. It really is a fabulous product! read on and we’ll tell you more about it……….

Make your own compost most of the year round.
Recycle up to 150 litres of kitchen and garden waste every 4-6 weeks.
Operate two chambers seperately for efficient batch composting.
Produce hundreds of litres of home-grown compost yearly.
Reduce paper, cardboard and kitchen throw outs.
Return garden ‘waste’ to the garden in the form of nutrient rich compost.
Rely on yourself for nutrient compost, not the local garden centre!

Easily tip out compost, or add new materials, thanks to the wide opening hatch.
Spin even a full drum easily.
Reduce the hard work of turning slow and heavy outdoor heaps.Keep vermin away

Look after your environment.
Rely less on bonfires.
Keep the garden looking clean and tidy.
Take a step further towards self sustainability.

Made from rugged UV stable recycled plastic.

Price Only: £115.00

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How to Store Onions and Potatoes For Longer

Pots or Bags - The choice is yours!

Pots or Bags – The choice is yours!

Harvested onions and potatoes last longer by NOT storing them together. I didn’t know this before and I have always stored them together. Now I know – and so do you. Actually I like to string the onions which would keep them away from each other.

Stringing is just a way of plaiting with a piece of string woven into it. They are very showy when hung on the outside of the larder door.

How do you store yours?


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Sylvia’s Briefs In Its Newest Video Format

Life gets more interesting every week as I tangle with the few pitfalls of the Brief Video.  Sylvia’s Briefs now have 304 issues but only four with the video. It’s difficult to believe.  Technology is something of a miracle so here is the video version……

Another lovely week has passed and we welcomed a short shower for the garden. Everything has grown really well and there seem to be less plant failures this year. Maybe – just maybe – I am improving as a gardener. Gardening is a lovely challenge and the possibilities offered by changing seasons and changing plant varieties make every garden a unique opportunity.

Food is precious……Gardening Works!

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