Novelty crops and experimental crops

Option 1 for webI have been considering ways to get more vegetable conscious. After all it is a big ask to find a limitless variety of ways to consume the same produce over and over again. We can all consider growing different vegetables and different varieties, perhaps from a different culture. After all we all seem to enjoy eating in restaurants with a huge variety of dishes from different parts of the world.

Growing different vegetables from other parts of the world will challenge us to alter our techniques largely to take account of our inclement weather. Mostly we lack sunshine and warmth which means protection of crops and using wind breaks in the form of tall ‘hardies’ on the windward side of the plot.

Experimentally we can start our trials with hardy varieties and see how we get on. It is always much more fun if someone will allow you to challenge them to the biggest at the picking post if you can, so get challenging!!

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Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

edible_garden2Chocolate, coffee and tea? Challenge me please if I cannot count these as legitimate vegetables. However, who is to say that I cannot count them in my Five-a-Day, or seven or ten, whatever it is. This argument will extend to unreasonable possibilities, but who is this dictating to us about our daily intake of veggies anyway? Who is it that tells us to jump and then we all jump? Frankly I am delighted that there is a move afoot to grow more.

However many veggie portions you decide to eat you can at least be assured that they have all the natural vitamins of freshly picked and the trace elements we all need to maintain healthy balanced lives.

Where healthy eating is concerned,GardeningWorks.

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Wheelchair Raised Beds Available in Children’s Sizes Too

Here at The Recycle Works we are really conscious about trying to provide tools that make gardening accessible to all and by popular request we introduced a children’s Wheelchair Raised Bed. This is 60cm high and should help those with restricted movement of the trunk. These will be called the Kids Wheelchair Raised Beds. Naturally they are just the same as the others with good access; just the surface height of 60cm is more suitable for the lower wheelchairs if they do not have the extra big wheels.

Wheelchair Raised Beds

Wheelchair Raised Beds

Adult Wheelchair Raised beds are 75cm high and if you know anyone who would like to talk to us about a specific project they are working on, we would be delighted to talk to them with suggestions and ideas.

We’ve introduced these products in response to feedback we recieve from our customers just like we always do so please, please do keep telling us what you’d like from us. We can then work on making it happen!

Email us at and give us your feedback.

Love Your Environment!

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Slug Gone – No Slugs, It’s Environmentally Friendly And A Great Feed Product!

Slug Gone 3.5 ltr bagSlug Gone’s natural pure organic wool pellets are manufactured from the fleece of sheep. Wool fibres have very fine scales with small barbs on the tip called cuticle cells. These cause wool fibres to felt and matt together. Wool fibres are very hygroscopic and this plus the sand and grit already in the compound and the potassium salts from the sweat glands of the sheep absorb some of the slime from the slug’s foot to cause irritation, resulting in the slug finding easier feeding methods.

‘Slug Gone’ wool pellets are composed of 100% natural materials including phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. As soon as water is added the fibres swell to form a barrier or insulation blanket. When slugs climb onto the fibres it irritates the foot and causes it to seek easier feeding elsewhere.

‘Slug Gone’ wool pellets are ideal for organic gardening and can be used in pots, flower beds, borders, allotments, herb gardens, nurseries, garden centres, green houses and vegetable plots.

To Use:

Clean the area around the plant and place the pellets to fill the surface of the pot, or in a 6” circle around the plant. Make sure all the pellets are touching.
Water well and soon the pellets will swell and bind together to form both a prtotective and insulating blanket.

Available in 3.5L and 20L bags.

Love Your Environment!

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Sylvia Hopwood’s Thoughts On The Equinox

sylvias-new-laptop1This time always brings with it lots of optimism and anticipation of good garden opportunities to come. I just love it. Everywhere one looks and everywhere one goes this feeling of good hope follows. Ok so it is pouring with rain today! It is a bit chilly too. On the good side it is spring rain falling lightly and evenly on the soil at a pace it can absorb. This kind of rain will not damage young plants. They love it. It feeds the roots gently.

Pause to listen. The dawn chorus lasts all day. There is so much activity going on in hedges and yes the sign we all look for – the grass is growing again! And, dare I say so, so are the Slugs. Worms are everywhere at the moment, busy recycling most of the garden waste. Both these garden creatures are breeding and as worms have no gestation period their population explode to match the work available. Three cheers for the blossoms out now!

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Save 10% Off Whelping Boxes This Week Only – Don’t Miss Out

whelping_box2You asked us for Whelping Boxes made from the same unique construction we use for all of our Wooden Gardening Products and we introduced our wonderful range of Dog Whelping Boxes.

I and hundreds of our customers have used this construction with great success and the best thing was being able to close it up small and put it away until next time.

Add our version of a four sided optional ‘Pig Rail’ to the Classic and Big Square sizes which will help preventing newly born pups from being crushed accidentally by their heavy mothers.

Quote Discount Code: WHELPING10

Fitted Wooden Floor option keeps away draughts and are made from 2cm thick solid wood boards treated with non toxic preservative. For hygienic and safety reasons it is highly recommended that the floor is fully lined with a plastic tablecloth type of material. The wooden floors are available for both the Big Square and Classic size boxes.

Offer only available until Sunday 30th March 2014.

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