How to Store Onions and Potatoes For Longer

Pots or Bags - The choice is yours!

Pots or Bags – The choice is yours!

Harvested onions and potatoes last longer by NOT storing them together. I didn’t know this before and I have always stored them together. Now I know – and so do you. Actually I like to string the onions which would keep them away from each other.

Stringing is just a way of plaiting with a piece of string woven into it. They are very showy when hung on the outside of the larder door.

How do you store yours?


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Sylvia’s Briefs In Its Newest Video Format

Life gets more interesting every week as I tangle with the few pitfalls of the Brief Video.  Sylvia’s Briefs now have 304 issues but only four with the video. It’s difficult to believe.  Technology is something of a miracle so here is the video version……

Another lovely week has passed and we welcomed a short shower for the garden. Everything has grown really well and there seem to be less plant failures this year. Maybe – just maybe – I am improving as a gardener. Gardening is a lovely challenge and the possibilities offered by changing seasons and changing plant varieties make every garden a unique opportunity.

Food is precious……Gardening Works!

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Wooden Wormeries Really Do Work

WOW_small1This is the time of year that worms are most active. They have lots of baby worms hatching rapidly as the waste mounts up. In a Wooden Wormery you do not have the complications of plastic Wormeries where they can sweat and smell. Wood gives a natural environment together with a living space similar to that in the ground where they normally live.

Wormeries are excellent places to place uncooked food waste for recycling.  If you add a large amount of food waste in one go then cover it with a little soil or the remains of pot plants to subdue any decomposing smells.

See into the World of Worms with the Compact WOW Observational Wormery. Watch the worms at work and monitor the wonderful changes they make within the compost as it turns into garden soil.

The Compact WOW comprises the wormery, observation panel, cover for observation panel and lid. No Nails, No Screws No Holes to Dig. We have simplified the options for this fascinating activity. This is worms the way they are naturally in a single area of ground. No special feeds. No moving worms around. No special recovery prescription!


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Sylvia’s Briefs – Video Style!

Well, I had a few hints from friends last week who had helpful suggestions on how I can improve my Video Selfie. I think they will be helpful. So we will see. Last Week the technicians were Debs and Theresa. This time it came together whilst I was enjoying opera in the timeless countryside in Oxfordshire. What a glorious opportunity it was and a perfect place to spend Midsummer’s evening! I have never seen such glorious climbing roses in gardens with such beautiful sandstone  and flint walls to climb. So, it is not surprising that all the Plant Supports were in demand.

I have just been catching up with Gill’s Blogs on Gardening With Children and was absolutely bowled over by her and Thomas’s attempts at making a Mouse detector! I melted with the charm of the whole post. It was one of her best ever Blogs. Gill receives praise and comments from many countries where her Blogs find enthusiastic audiences. I am off home to many lovely aromatic herbs and my rather less aromatic but enthusiastically happy dogs and frogs, I hope that you too are able to enjoy the coming week to the full.

Gardening Works!

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Gripple Garden Products Now Available at The Recycle Works

gripple starter2Here at The Recycle Works we’re delighted to announce that we’ve just introduced the award winning range of Gripple Garden products to our website.

Choose from

  • 10 Gripple Tensioners
  • 50M Durable Nylon Trellis Wire
  • Garden Trellis Kit

Forget sagging wires, snapping strings or ugly wooden structures – get a Gripple! This new trellising system, that does not rot or rust, is easy and simple to use for climbing crops like beans, tomatoes and cane fruits or ornamentals like roses and clematis.

  • Durable, easy to use solid nylon wire
  • Easy to tension with the award winning Gripple Tensioner
  • No twisting or bending
  • Won’t rot, won’t rust
  • Use inside and out

To view the full range of products now available simply click here.

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Berry Pickers – A Great Fathers Day Present Idea

Berry Picker

Berry Picker

Early Bird gardeners are planning to use their Berry Pickers for the early gooseberries. Berry Pickers have a whole season’s work ahead, through the currant season right to the blackberries, bilberries and even the blueberries, much later on.  They fairly gobble up the berries, leave the leaves on the stem and leave ones hands scar free.

A good solution to Father’s Day!

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