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These essential little people are responsible for looking after the earths organic wastes.
wormery midi A Waste Buster wormery with a window where the kids can see the worms at work would be a fabulous family present for the holidays. It will keep their curiosity busy for hours until the routine of putting the food waste in becomes automatic.

composting worms

These wooden worm farms are beautifully made and will last and last. Believe it or not, worms love working in wood as it does not sweat and the operation doesn’t require constant remedies as a plastic worm bin usually does! You can of course get these worm farms without a window too and they are great for digesting kitchen food waste and some paper too!

If you are thinking about getting a wormery – or if you have one already, then visit the Recyleworks Worm Forum.

It has been going since 1999 and so is packed full of useful posts related to keeping a wormery , so if you have a problem with yours or want advice on setting one up, just post a question and the wormers will respond with helpful tips.

The Forum also has sections on composting, organic gardening, EM composting, children’s gardening, environmental issues and a giveaways section.