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News Brief!

childrens garden plot

Primary Schools all over the country are planting and growing to eat.

Judging by the number of them making their own allotments they plan to be extremely hungry!! The benefit of the 7-Pack, vegetable seeds they can buy with the Economy Allotment Plots most of these vegetables, when mature, can be eaten raw & do not need to make the long journey to the kitchen and back to the tummy. Kids will learn that not all vegetables grow above the ground, or on the ground.

They will also have to make decisions about whether or not to dig up the carrots, just to look Gardening with Young Childrenwhat’s going on below the surface! Beatrys Lockie’s absolutely brilliant 130pp book Gardening with Young Children, is itself as much of a joy to read (and to sing to) as there is in harvesting your first real food. This book is full of good practical fun turning optimistic kids into real gardeners. The illustrations are many and utterly charming. Well worth the delivered price of £13.99!