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Hello Again!

As well as some indisputably wonderful hours of Spring feeling in the air we have also been blessed with a visit from the EM people, Fran and Jan, this week.

There is a connection because both Spring & EM represent a kind of goodness associated with regeneration. So this week’s brief offer is dedicated to them and to EM.

Bokashi BranFarming was top of their Agenda and they were thrilled to see the progress Simon is making with the slurry treatment. You only have to own a cat or dog, a few hens or a rabbit to benefit their health with some form of EM. I give my dogs a sprinkling of Bokashi Bran on their food. They love it and certainly bubble with energy all the time. If you have any questions about this use of EM please email me at the address below.

I also wanted to let you know that we have been thrilled with your responses to our Newsletters. Thank you so much! We do try to answer you all by return.

I reproduce an unexpected comment this week from a 13 year old lad, William.

“When I am feeling overworked and exhausted EM-X is very helpful. When I come home late from school (7pm) and have lots of work to do for the next day. When I play Rugby and don’t feel up to it because I am exhausted EM-X makes me feel loads better & I forget about my aches and tiredness. Since taking EM-X have never had a bad cold where before I used to get really bad ones”

We all love EM here but why not try it for yourself and find out why!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sylvia & all the team x