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Product Brief – Wormeries!

composting worms

Worms have sprung into favour in the last few weeks. Worms are getting really active and as the outside temperature has risen we are beginning to see explosions of them everywhere. Composting is going apace. Worms lay cocoons. These do not have a gestation period. Cocoons can all hatch at any time when the conditions are right, just as they are now.

This brings thinking minds to the subject of Worm Composting in Wormeries are compost bins in a confined environment where worms can live and work but not in the ground or compost heap. It’s a satisfying and interesting occupation rather more than just a hobby. Wormeries will digest almost all your kitchen waste. We and the worms favour natural wood and a biggish space to work in so do have a look at the Waste Busters on the website. They come with all the kit, the worms and Manual.

A Waste Buster will last for years and years and enthral the kids, especially the lads!

For loads of useful information on keeping a wormery – visit the Recycle Works Worm Forum.