eMC Citrus Probiotic CleanerI’ve been asked to share with you my journey into becoming ‘green’ as I’ve just moved in to my new house and I’m determined to play my part in looking after the environment. I’m not professing that I’m going to become an eco warrior or start wearing hemp clothing (those of you who know me will no doubt be laughing at this point!) but maybe if I start in a small way, I can make a difference.

So where should I start? I’ve decided I’m going to start with small steps and as we now have a septic tank, I’ve been educated by Sylvia that I have to be really careful as to what goes down the plug holes as I could destroy the bacteria that makes the tank work! I wouldn’t have even of thought of that if she hadn’t have told me… so no bleach, toilet cleaner or chemicals whatsoever! And this is the biggest convenience girl you could ever meet!!

So, I’ve been very kindly supplied with some EM Probiotic Cleaner (citrus smell so very fresh!) that I have to dilute 1:100 parts and apparently I can use it for every cleaning job in the house. I’m intrigued that Sylvia says that it’s great for cleaning glass as I’ve got a LOT of windows and doors to clean as the house has been a building site for a while so I’ll be reporting back shortly. Mark will be delighted that I’m getting excited about cleaning as trust me….it’s a first!!

So one small step for the environment and a huge lot of love for my new septic tank! And a sparkling, clean home as well!

Debbie x