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I promised that I’d report back on how I got on with the Probiotic Citrus Cleaner that Sylvia very kindly gave me to try last week. I took it home and explained to Mark what it was, how wonderful it would be for our septic tank and how it would help look after the environment and the response I got was an unbelieving stare!

However, undeterred, this weekend, we decided that two weeks with filthy windows was enough and Mark set to on badgering me to help him clean them. How I adore cleaning – NOT!

So we took the sprayer, followed the instructions and diluted the fluid as per the label. It smelt really lovely I must say, really fresh and invigorating but Mark still wasn’t convinced as it looked as though we had just a sprayer full of water…… however, we cleaned the windows and to say we were impressed is an understatement! The windows were in fact so clean that the next day, a little bird flew in to them and I felt really guilty that I’d cleaned them!

But there’s more…. as since I’ve put this spray bottle under the sink, every time we’ve had to do any cleaning so far, including the window frames, wooden floor and kitchen surfaces  – guess what he’s pulled out? The EM Cleaner!! So we have a convert – which is no mean feat!

I’ve also turned into a money saving ‘Dometsic Goddess’ as well so I’ve done my maths and a a bottle of the Citrus Cleaner is £9.30 (inc delivery) so comparing it to another newly launched environmentally cleaner which retails at about £3 a bottle, you in effect get 50 bottles from a 500ml bottle which to buy in the supermarket would cost £150 and the concentrated EM Citrus Cleaner £9.30!!!! I love a bargain!!!!

Truly, truly converted!!

Next mission for this week is going to be milk containers after Sylvia has educated me on plastic usage! We’ll be having our milk in bottles from now on as they can be recycled! Small steps make a HUGE difference!!

Debbie x

PS – I’ll start adding some pictures as well for you!!