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The EM Cleaner is still being used with vigour for all our cleaning tasks but the last time I saw SYlvia, we were talking about the amount of plastic that is being wasted in the world and I suddenly thought that I’m part of theat problem as I always get milk in plastic containers!

So, I’ve made another little step forward I hope as I’ve caught the milk person who visits our village and asked them to deliver our milk in glass bottle form only. I’ll wash them out once used and put them out to be collected instead of doing what I normally do and putting the empty plastic containers in the bin. I’m not sure exactly whata differnece in real terms that will be but surely eliminating 4 or 5 two litre containers each week per year will play its part. Imagine the difference if we all did it?

So have a think about the amount of milk in your home…… could you recycle?

Debbie x