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Runner beans

If you find yourself with some rather large runner beans, that are past their best for eating, this is a great recipe! You don’t need to use old beans – younger ones will do better, but it means you can make the most of your crop.

This is an excellent recipe that keeps really well and children will love it, I know as I grew up eating it!

It goes well with both hot and cold foods – and curries too!

Sweet Runner Bean Chutney

2 lb. runner beans (when dry, trimmed and sliced)
1½ lb. onions (when chopped)
1 lb. Demerara sugar
1 lb. Soft brown sugar
2 heaped tablespoon cornflour
1 tablespoon turmeric
1 heaped tablespoon  mustard
1½ pints of vinegar


Chop the onions and cut the beans into smallish pieces.
Cook chopped onions in a pint of the vinegar until tender.
Meanwhile, cook sliced beans in well-salted water until tender.
Meanwhile, mix all the dry ingredients to smooth paste with the remaining vinegar.
Strain cooked beans, then add to vinegar & onions and cook for ten minutes.
Add sugar and rest of ingredients and simmer for a further fifteen minutes, so that the mixture thickens.
Bottle and cover.