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Blackberry Jam (Recipe will make approx 3 jars)

•500g blackberries
•500g jam sugar
•Juice of half a lemon

•Chill a saucer or plate
•Wash all the blackberries and allow to drain
•Put the sugar, lemon juice and blackberries into a large saucepan and stir round a couple of times
•Dissolve the sugar over a low heat
•Bring to the boil and boil gently until the jam reaches setting point
•To test for this recipe, take a teaspoon of jam and place it on the chilled saucer. Leave for a minute and then push it with a teaspoon. If it creases on the surface its ready
•Cool the jam a little before putting into jars.
•Ideally the jars should be warm when the jam is added.
• Seal tightly and look forward to enjoying through the winter months or of course give to friends as presents!

We really do now have our very own ‘Delia’ at The Recycle Works as Charlotte is our cookery queen! We’ll have to keep coaxing her to give us more as it seems as though you love them!