easy_watererYou know how much we like to share our knowledge and hints and tips at The Recycle Works and this week, we’ve found out that one of our valued customers, Plantpassion, have a great blog with some really useful information for you.  Claire at Plantpassion has very kindly offered to let us share her words with you and we thought that her tips on how to water your winter pots was really good! So over to Claire……………….

Now the nights are drawing in, and you never seem to be home in daylight, it’s easy to forget about watering pots and hanging baskets in the garden.  It’s true that containers won’t need as much attention as during the summer, but winter winds can be very drying, and so particularly evergreens will need some additional water maybe once a month through the winter.  The most important thing to remember is to ensure that the roots don’t sit in water, because the moisture will turn to ice, and if the compost freezes solid for long it kills the plants (from drought, ironically!).
Ensuring that any saucers used in the summer are removed, and that pots are drained by placing on bricks or pot feet, so that any excess moisture can run out.
Also water before midday, so that plants have time to soak up the water before the daylight fades and the temperature decreases.
In the middle of the winter, it may be worth “lagging” your most precious pots with bubble wrap, or moving them to the lee of a house wall where the temperature will be several degrees higher than in the rest of the garden.

Thanks Claire – we look forward to lots more tips!