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hand1Here at The Recycle Works, it must be said that we have a wonderful team, who in my humble opinion, all really enjoy working together. So much so that we’re all concerned for each other and bless him, Simon sent Sylvia and I a lovely article all about how ladies hands harbour more bugs than men (except in his case!). Bless him!

So, having just found out that we now stock antibacterial gel and anctibacterial wipes within our range, I thought I’d share the article Simon found with you! (To view the full article simply click here)

“Dr Fierer said that the higher bacterial diversity on women’s hands may be due to the fact that men tend to have more acidic skin, which provides a more harsh living environment for the microscopic bugs.

Alternatively, differences in sweat, oil gland or hormone production may be key – or the fact that women and men tend to make different use of cosmetics such as moisturisers.

Dr Fierer said the study also found hand washing had little impact on the diversity of bacteria found on an individual’s hands. While some groups of bacteria were less abundant following hand washing, others were more abundant.

However, the researchers said that washing with anti-bacterial cleansers was still an effective way to minimise the risk of disease, as it seemed particularly to target harmful bugs. The diversity of bacteria types on the palm was three times higher than that found on the forearm and elbow and appeared to outstrip that found in the mouth and lower intestine.”

Interesting facts I think and as for us using more hand cream than men – Simon, I know what Santa will be getting you this Christmas! And on that note if you are looking for some little stocking fillers, our range of either antibacterial gel or handwipes would be perfect!

As always, have fun!

Debs x