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BIG congratulations to Sylvia for winning the 2008 NatWest Everywoman Iris Award today!


Sylvia (2nd from right) and the other finalists

The Everywoman Iris Award is given to the woman “whose business growth and success has been greatly improved, through successful implementation and use of IT and communications”.

The following photos of the Award Ceremony are courtesy of Everywoman Limited

Slyvia make her acceptance speech. A real 'silver surfer'!

Sylvia make her acceptance speech.

A real “silver surfer” if ever there was!

Sylvia with her 'Iris' Award.

Sylvia with her 'Iris' Award.

Pleased as punch I’d say!

Sylvia & debbie.

Debbie & Sylvia

” Girl Power”!

Fame at last!

Fame at last!

Well done Debs for nominating her!