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recyclenow-logoThere are lots of articles in the press and online at the moment about how the economic downturn has affected the amount of recycling that is being proactively done within the UK. Many commercial companies involved in the recycling industry are having to store their collected items in aircraft hangers and warehouses as the price they can achieve for these items has dropped drastically.
However, this really got me thinking about how I personally recycle and the conclusion that I’ve reached is that I need to do less recycling! Yes that’s right but don’t shout at me yet…. let me explain!
I recycle all my card and paper, lots and lots of it! Surely if I reduced the amount I purchase in the first place or create though, there’d be less that needed to be recycled! Packaging – when I purchase anything from a shop I’m going to buy it loose if its a food item and NOT put it in a bag to then be weighed. I’m waiting for my first home grown produce to be available hence why I’m still shopping for ingredients. I’ve also swapped my canned drinks for water and not bottled I hasten to add!  So not only am I hopefully creating less waste, I should be healthier as well!
There must be so many more things we can all do and surely together we can come up with lots of tips and ideas to help make a difference. So if you ‘Love Your Environment’ email us and let us know what you suggest and we can share all your ideas on the Blog!