Charles DarwinI am really looking forward to the programmes and events in tribute to Darwin’s 200th Birthday Anniversary on 12th February. For interesting matters relating to the Birthday try http://www.darwinday.org/englishL/home/index.html.  It’s really quite interesting!

I know very little about Darwin’s work over and above the general information one gleans from one’s education. Anyway I am much more interested now.
If Darwin were around now I am sure he would approve the massive broadcasting of his work in technological ways that he could never have dreamed about. His only vehicles for spreading his knowledge were by word of mouth and in print, both extremely limiting.
Maybe today’s generations will be more knowledgeable that any other generation has been. I hope so. His life work was so positive and has kept great minds ticking for generations since.
So please join us today in celebrating Darwin Day and let’s continue making progress for all our futures!
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