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Sunday was a great day out for all of the Borders Organic Gardeners’ (BOG)  members and their families when they held their annual Potato Day. It was a spring-like day which made parking so much better than the muddy field it could have been with all those hundreds of cars. By the time I had found my car key (still at home) which had totally vanished from the face of the earth between midnight and 08.30am I left home rather late and arrived about an hour after opening time.

So I was distraught to find that all the Myan Gold and the Rocket had sold out again! I thought I had learned that lesson last year so I was really cross with myself. However I did get some Myan Queen, same parent, and a selection of early and late season seed potatoes.


When I eventually arrived there was still loads of advise and hundreds of varieties to choose from. These dwindled throughout the day until most were completely sold up. p1000227
Quite new to me, I learned something really fascinating about the start of potato varieties.   Called miniature these named potato varieties were fascinating.  They were for sale, but you have to be dedicated to grow them. They are all disease free, and basically you plant them and grow them on for 4 years without harvesting them, at which point you have your pure stock of the variety chosen. From then you can harvest the pure strain.

The dining area was consistently busy with such a devastatingly tempting menu. I had a portion of Stovies! This is comfort food, per se and just perfect after a spell in the garden on a chilly day. The tasting table had cakes and scones and even a Christmas pudding with potatoes in the recipe! 


Eat your heart out Debbie!   I am thinking of the Day she had a competition with Simon to see who made the best Chocolate Cake. Debbie’s cake was delicious. Debbie’s cake was made with mashed potatoes. She won and deserved to win.   Simon’s chocolate cake was supposed to be made with prunes but it never materialised because he said that he had too much Bokashi to make!!!

Two helpers who know what’s best having a well earned rest.


BOG was not all about Potatoes. As a dedicated association they had invited many other trades and crafted products to show and sell their wares. Cheeses, Vegetables to eat now, butchery, eggs, wood sculptures for the Garden and willow crafting to name a few. There was so much information about courses on horticulture and composting and much much more.