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salad_bedWell it all started when I went to the supermarket this weekend and bought two packs of rocket for a meal with Friends on Saturday night. I’ve never really considered the cost of vegetables and salad before until the day when I announced, ‘I’m going to grow some vegetables!’

Those two packets of rocket cost me £2.98 and most weeks I’ll buy at least two, or maybe even three, so I’ve worked it out that over the Summer I’ll probably spend at least £40 just on rocket alone! Not any more!

My mission this week  is to plant my own and then in 21 days I’ll be able to eat the fruits of my own labour. I’m anxiously awaiting my first onions, garlic and potato to be ready – must think of a recipe! So in case you’re thinking like me and fancy growing your own salad leaves, here are a few of my newly learned pointers as it’s not rocket science!!!

To grow, fill the container will multi purpose compost and leave a 2.5cm gap between the top of the container and the level of the compost. (I’ll of course be using one of our Salubrious Salad Beds – how could I not!) Scatter the seeds thinly on top of the compost and cover with 2 cm of compost and water well.

The container then needs to be put in a slightly shaded or sunny spot and kept well watered. Wait 21 days but please do eat something else in-between and then the leaves will be ready to pick.

I’m told that you can either snip them off as you want them or you can cut the whole plant off leaving about a 1 to 2 cm stump. The leaves will keep growing back and will be good to eat until they flower, at which point they can go on the compost heap.

Of course it’s not just rocket you can grow – I just love the stuff, that’s all! You can grow mizuna, chicory, radish leaf, carrot leaves…….the varieties are endless!

I’ll take pictures as I go along as I’m a real novice gardener and I’ll prove that if I can do it, anyone can so watch this space and I’ll report back, with photographic evidence as well!

Love Your Environment!