vitagrow smallThe self-watering Vitogrow is a salad and herb garden that makes growing your own easy – anywhere and is available in two sizes. We were so impressed with them when we saw them that we knew they’d be a real hit!

Vitogrow contains everything you need to get growing. Just add compost and sow your seeds. No experienced required. In fact the manufacturers are so confident that anyone can grow in Vitogrow that they guarantee you crop success.

Also, plants are healthier in a Vitogrow because they are provided with constant access to water and nutrients without the plants sitting in water.

Quadgrow MediumThere are two other wonderful products available in the range, the Quadgrow and the Octogrow. You can have with with or without lids, the choice is yours.

These are especially useful if you have a limited amount of space or require portability. We’re also sure they’re going to be a real hit with the schools who’ve already purchased them as they’ll help produce wonderful crops!

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