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We have been learning more about a useful product we have been selling for a long time now, The Plug and Grow lamp. It comes with a ‘white light’ of 6400k bulb. Nine out of ten people use this bulb as it simulates the daylight and in Spring and will bring on plants by emulating longer days. The plant will think the sun is higher in the sky than it really is. (We wish we could do that in our office!!).

Plug and Grow Horticultural Light

Plug and Grow Horticultural Light

Anyway we never realised that plants and flowers take up the daylight from a different part of the colour spectrum at different times of the year. So there is an alternative bulb for the Plug and Grow. This is a 2700k bulb and gives daylight from the red end of the spectrum. This stimulates growth and flowering. It’s one for the boffins, but it is also one for the particular, and investigative gardener.

Well you learn something every day & we thought we would share this with you!

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