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Wonderoos Full Time Kit

Wonderoos Full Time Kit

Here at The Recycle Works, we ‘re always asking you for your feedback on our products and what else you’d like to see us offer.  We listen avidly and as a result we have just launched our new ‘Eco Babies’ section on the website!

Our first products are from the Wonderoo Nappy Range and we’ve chosen these because of how wonderful they are. 

Purchasing the Starter Kit (to try the nappies) followed by the Full Time Kit (when you have found they are the right nappies for you) will allow you to expand your set, giving a very comfortable number of nappies for full time use.

Wonderoos Kits have minimal packaging to further reduce the waste produced, and are packaged in a fully reusable drawstring bag, suitable for storing used nappies in until washday, so you won’t need a nappy bucket!

Detailed instructions with diagrams and Frequently Asked Questions are included in the kits and all printed material is printed on recycled paper. There are four colour combinations – Boys, Girls, Unisex or White

So here’s to our Eco Babies and it just goes to show that you can ‘Love Your Environment’ at ANY age!!