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Tom Fitzherbert Brockholes - Our Sustainability Expert

Tom Fitzherbert Brockholes - Our Sustainability Expert

From this week you will begin to see statements of our Environmental Policy and our Environmental Product Analysis relating to every product we sell on the website.

The Recycle Works recognizes the need for everyone to improve Environmental performance. This we are trying to do and we hope to encourage others to do so too. We are really keen on improvement rather than a critical approach. So in order to improve our practices and our habits we are embarking on a project to do the following: 1. Publish our on-going in house Environment Policy and keep it updated. 2. Publish the Environmental Product criteria of our products and update these whenever there is some improvement to add.

 Initially we will start with ourselves then we will follow up with the environmental criteria from our suppliers’ products. If some of these products are not scoring well on the environmental scale we will not discontinue these items as a matter of course. We will press for improvements. The Environmental Product Analysis will appear on all relevant pages on the website close to the purchase option. For each product we will try to answer a set of Environmental criteria relating to that product. This will be ongoing and will take quite a long time to finish the initial stage. As you would expect we are starting with our own home manufactured products. Information will be updated when there is an improvement. None of us, and none of our products can be seen to be environmentally perfect but we can always try to improve the way we do things. It has been really difficult to keep this data quite short but if you would like to see something different or something else in there please tell us.

By the way we have been guided in this by Tom who is Simon’s nephew and who has just finished his Masters in Environmental Studies. He will be joining our Ask The Expert Team as our Sustainability Expert so go-on, ask him something! Like policemen, he looks devastatingly young and good looking as you’ll see from his picture above! Welcome to the team Tom!