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This week we received a wonderful email from Holway School Community Garden in Taunton.  This is a little bit of what they had to say and we hope it inspires you as much as it did us….

Holloway School Garden with Recycle Works Raised Beds

Holloway School Garden with Recycle Works Raised Beds

” At the beginning of this year a friend and I started a school community garden in Taunton.  We were very lucky getting permission from the school to use their land and a grant from a council scheme to begin our funding.  So moving very quickly in April we got started.  
Making the garden accessible to both the school children and members of the community was so important to us… on looking around we settled on raised beds from The Recycle Works, choosing a combination of deep and value raised beds to create a (probably) unique layout for our garden.  Time has flown, we have had great success with the garden and a massive interest in the raised beds!
We have lots of exciting things coming up now, even as lots of the plants that have been producing well all summer are dying off! We are hopefully launching our website in the next few weeks – with which we hope to have a link to The Recycle Works as many people have asked where to get the raised beds!
We are building up to a big event at which we will be building a full size greenhouse – out of plastic bottles!!! Following that we will be increasing our growing areas to included patches for 2 classes from the school that will be doing a “field to fork” project.  To do this we will be returning to the Recycle Works for more raised beds for this as 1 – the teachers specifically asked to use the raised beds as they like them so much, and 2- we tried a cabbage patch dug straight into the ground and it was quite unsuccessful partly due to the amount of maintenance!”