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Cloche Hoops for Raised Beds

Cloche Hoops for Raised Beds

This week, we recieved an email from a customer asking for our advice Simon has expertly provided. At The Recycle Works we try and share as much information as we can so we thought you may like to read the details yourselves…..

Q; Dear Recycle Works I purchased some fantastic raised beds from you this summer and am now thinking about buying some cloche hoops. Could you first give me please some guidance about how they’re used? What do I put on the outside of the hoops to protect against pests and how do I fit extra material on? Do I need to use cloches this time of year or only in the spring -summer? I recently planted some baby turnips that were gobbled up by caterpillars so I’m thinking Kent’s weather is pretty pest-friendly. thanks Emily

A: Emily, The cloche hoops slot into the unused grooves on the outside of your raised bed’s posts.  Just slot one end of the plastic strip into one of the posts and then bend it over and slot the other end into the opposite post – as simple as that! Depending on how far down the groove you push the strips, governs the height of the hoop.

You can then either drape some plastic sheet or netting to make either a mini polytunnel for winter growing or in the case netting/fleece, a barrier to butterflies and therefore no caterpillars! Hope this helps!

So if you have any questions, send us an email to sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk and we’ll do our very best to answer it and share the details.

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