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Sylvia Hopwood

Sylvia Hopwood

Yesterday I was asked if I would like to put a question to ‘a senior member’ of the Cabinet, in person at a special gathering at the Preston office of the Local Evening paper, the Lancashire Evening Post. So full of interest and on behalf of The Recycle Works, I presented myself to the small gathering of local people to ask the Prime Minister what he was doing to help Small businesses who promote sustainability of the environment.

As it was, he was almost an hour late and the questions were limited to a handful and my question had to go into a pot to be answered later. This will give him time to decide if he can do something constructive!

The range of questions were limited to behavioural problems amongst the young, employment prospects for the defence suppliers in the area, MP’s expenses, the doubtful commitment of some members of parliament in marginal seats to put their weight behind local issues for fear of losing votes and why the banks are not lending. Not bad really for part of a morning’s work. I met some interesting people there, all who had good reason to ask their question. All in the life of……..

Love Your Environment!