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Berry Pciker - Perfect For Gathering Sloes

Berry Picker - Perfect For Gathering Sloes

In this weeks ‘Sylvia’s Briefs’ (our weekly newsletter) we asked you for your recipes for Sloes. Frederica responded immediately with this gorgeous recipe for Sloe and Apple Jelly – which she assures us is absolutely delicious with lamb and ham! A huge thank you to Frederica.

How To Make Sloe and Apple Jelly

Cook until soft (I put mine in a low oven overnight) equal amounts of sloes that have been pricked with a bodkin and roughly chopped windfalls/crabs or any apple with sufficient water to cover. Upend into jelly bag or muslin, leave until no longer dripping (don’t squeeze!) then combine the juice with sugar at a ratio of 1 pint juice to 1 lb sugar and cook until set. Love the site and the newsletters!

Best wishes Frederica

Do you know another good recipe for using sloes apart from soaking them with gin? If so, please do email us at sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk

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