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Annoyingly the postage strike seems to be messing up deliveries whether it goes ahead or not, so we have a plan to outwit them!

There will be an option, that is, you can opt in or opt out, your choice. It will be offered on the shopping basket on our website. Only for small items that usually go by mail, we will send by overnight courier for a small extra charge of £2.50. This is to give you peace of mind if you need something quickly.

Further we will give you £10.00 credit for use with your next order  if these items are not delivered, or attempted delivery within 3 days of dispatch. All big items will be delivered on the 24 hour courier service at no extra charge as usual. If you have a question about your particular selection please give us a ring on 0800 0320377. It is a nuisance, but we believe this will work seamlessly!

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