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leather gardening gloves

Leather Gardening Gloves - The Perfect Christmas Gift

As I know, you always appreciate something that is well made to a high standard whilst being affordable and environmentally sound. Well today you will be well pleased with a new order of Gardening Gloves just arrived. They really are the business and, again with gifts in mind we have one pair for almost everybody.

Gloves are things that get lost somewhere and later found, so most gardeners need more than one pair anyway. Further what protects your arms with a gauntlet is quite different to a latex glove for grasping thorns, or another for pricking out. Some are made from lovely soft washable leather, others, in latex will keep your hands safe from tears, and with a variety of sizes there is no reason why they will not fit you like a glove!

These Gardening Gloves are out of the top drawer and affordable. A gift you could use for yourself!

Love Your Environment!