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Sloe BerriesYou’ve been asking us for more of our own recipes so here’s one from Sylvia at The Recycle Works that I’m told is absolutley amazing. Let’s hope there’ll be enough for me to try some!

How To Make Spiced Sloe Jelly

Collect the sloes! Say, about  5 lbs Sloes should be plenty.

Cover with Water, add2 cinnamon sticks and about 20 cloves and simmer until tender.

Strain as for the Sloe and Apple Jelly recipe.

Use 1lb Sugar to 1Lb Juice.

Add ½ pint of Malt Vinegar

Boil until set.

Pour into very clean storage jars. Seal. Eat!

Excellent with Steak & Kidney Pudding, Game and Venison.

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