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Plug and Grow Horticultural Light

Plug and Grow Horticultural Light

We recieved a question from one of our Recycle Works customers this week and thought the answer might be of interest to a lot of our customers and hence sharing it with you on the blog…..

Q: Hello, I was wondering what light spectrum the envirolite 200w lamp provides? Is it a light/blue or red? I needed to know as the light/blue will be better for vegatative growth, and the red will be better when plants are flowering…

Look forward to hearing from you, Regards K

A: From our very own Sylvia………….

Dear K, Thank you for your email. You are so right. You obviously know your light spectrum well.

The answer is that the Plug and Grow Light comes with a white bulb and we do have the red bulbs in stock for £32.50 inclusive of Vat and P&P. They are on the website at this link:


And the light with a white bulb


I hope you find this reply helpful. Please ask again if not and we will try again. Best regards, Sylvia

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