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Vertical Growing System

I cannot remember if I have told you about the new Polanter, get it, Pole-Planter? We know it will be a great summer seller on the website, but we want you to have the opportunity to give it to someone for Christmas. The quality is first rate as it has been designed by an aircraft engineer, Dave. Nothing has been left to chance. There is a watering system from top to bottom and you can replenish by using your hose pipe. YES! So easy. They can be extended upwards, (or downwards) so you have the option to go from the top to the bottom of a wall, a fence or a doorway for example. Further they fix by a bracket attached to the wall and so they will just lift off (and slip back on) for replanting, winter, or for cleaning. We are really impressed.

This Polanter Vertical Growing System leaves nothing to chance. Watering is evenly distributed along the length of the Polanter, so you will not get dry plants at the top and flooded plants at the base, ever again. There are some fabulous colours which we will introduce in spring, but we are stocking Green, Terracotta, White and Lavender at the moment. They are so very pretty and born for Bedding plants and for herb planting. Not only that but we think the price is a gift too.

Love Your Environment!