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Christmas is approaching fast and this year it seems that there are going to be lots of lucky people receiving a whole range of different presents from Santa.

We thought you may like a little inspiration for what to buy that special person in your life so here are just a selection of gifts that are currently flying out the door!

Hogitat - Hedgehog House

 These gorgeous ‘Hogitats’ provide a safe retreat and shelter for Hedgehogs. Why not help a Hedgehog get on the property ladder this year?!

Wildlife Camera

The versatile Wildlife Surveillance Camera system features a superb colour/ infrared, weatherproof camera unit in an FSC timber housing for additional protection and security. Complete with audio and integral infrared lights (invisible to the eye and animals) the camera automatically swaps from colour during daylight, to infrared (black and white) in low light conditions.

Steel Seed Tins

These stylish boxes are the perfect place to keep seeds and bulbs in good condition and away from mice and insects. Designed in consultation with Tony Russell, BBC garden writer and broadcaster, each Seed Tin is made of heavy gauge steel. There is a lip on the shelf and the floor of the box so nothing will roll out. The boxes are 30 x 30 x 15cm and can be free standing or wall mounted.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas stocking fillers, why not have a look at the website at www.recycleworks.co.uk  – we hope you’ll find the perfect gift!