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Wildlife Surveillance Camera

The biggest survey of the wildlife in UK schools started yesterday with thousands of children watching excitedly to find out which creatures share their playgrounds.

The RSPB’s annual Big Schools’ Birdwatch, runs from 18 January – 1 February 2010. The survey encourages children and their teachers to look for and count the birds that share their school environment.

Classrooms will be turned into bird hides, binoculars will be fixed to eyes and children will be staring out of the window – with the blessing of their teacher.

Last year, a record 90,000 children and teachers from more than 2,000 schools took part.

Wild birds are an unbeatable teaching resource. Colourful, active and abundant they enthuse and inspire children about the nature outside their classroom windows. The survey also provides a purpose for their observations and helps paint a picture of how our birds are faring and which are the most common visitors to school grounds.

Andy Simpson, RSPB Head of youth and education, said: “The Big Schools’ Birdwatch provides an opportunity to introduce thousands of children to the wildlife visiting their school environment.”