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Great New Competitions for the New Year

To give schools and families a helping hand with gardening projects throughout the year, each month we have an exciting new competition for each to enter.

– In the January competition the 1st winner out of the hat can choose from either a kids allotment plot or 5 potato growing kits including potatoes, as their prize!……..But the closing date is 31st of January 2010 ……so get reading and enter today, it will only take a few minutes!

Potato Growing Kits

Schools Competition

What to do…….

At The Recycle Works we make a wide range of wooden gardening products.  …And we take special care to make sure that all of our wooden products are made in a way that has minimal impact on the environment. 

Have a look around The Recycle Works website and name 5 wooden gardening products that we sell.  Also read some of the descriptions of our wooden products and tell us two things we do to prevent damage to the environment during their manufacture and/or use in the garden

Email your entry to us by 31st January 2010 or if you prefer, complete the entry form below and send it by post to: Gardening With Children, Unit 1, Bee Mill, Ribchester, Preston. PR3 3XJ

Family Competition

Solar Insect Theatre

We know how much you love wildlife and so for our latest competition we would love you take part in our mini website Wildlife Quiz!  The first correct entry out of the hat will win a fabulous Solar Insect Theatre, but the closing date is on 31st January 2010 so enter today!

All you have to do is have a look at our 10 easy questions below and go onto The Recycle Works website where, with a little bit of easy wildlife detective work, you will find all the answers.

Wildlife Quiz Questions

1.      How many colours does our Birdie Bistro come in?

2.      Find the solar insect theatre and tell us three types of creepy
crawly it is designed to attract

3.      Find our Field Guide to butterflies. How much is the guide to buy?

4.      What is our house for a frog called?

5.      Take a careful look at our photograph of the Ladybird Insect Tower.  Can you see what wood it is made from?  Clue: the first word of the trees name is a precious metal but not gold!

6.      Have a look at our description of the Ladybird Laminated Field Guide and tell us why was the Harlequin ladybird introduced to Europe?

7.      What animal family snuggles up in a Hogitat?

8.      What tips do we give for choosing a suitable spot to put your Hogitat in?

9.      Our bat boxes are specially designed but why do we tell you not to disturb roosting bats?

10.  Name 5 flowers you can grow from our Instant Meadow Flower seeds

Email your entry to us by 31st January 2010 or if you prefer, send it by post to the address given above.