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Potato Growing Kits

At The Recycle Works, our suppliers of GYO seeds, potatoes and onions are a local company who have been receiving the RHS highest accolades for their produce for generations since Great Grandpa started the business in 1860.

1st Earlies: Currently In Stock with shorter maturity and harvesting times.

1.     Arran Pilot – Firm, waxy texture and lovely flavour, it is best appreciated when cooked straight from the garden.

2.     Foremost – Extra high quality with firm, tasty white flesh which is especially tasty!

3.     Rocket – Pure white flesh, which is waxy and soft at first digging.

You can have as many as you wish but we sell them in 5’s with the strong 45lt woven plastic bags. Seven seed potatoes will fill a 65lt superior quality potato bag and reap a huge harvest in a small space.

Alternatively we have some ‘use one time’ thick black plastic bags going for a song at 5 for £4.54 These would take 2 seed potatoes but are fabulous for temporary planting of plants. Don’t forget that these are not only fabulous prices but they are Free Delivery with orders over £15.00.