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Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

We promised you some more wonderful new products over the next few weeks and we know that this new selection won’t disappoint!

This gorgeous Hedgehog Feeding Bowl is the perfect size for feeding Hedgehogs and if you fill it with specially selected Hedgehog Food, you can be assured that you’re really helping our wonderful Hedgehogs.

We also have a  Bracket Mounted Bird Table and this larger version of the Wall Mounted Table, has a wider feeding platform and is supplied with a matching bracket for fixing to a wall or fence.

Robin & Wren Nest Box

Another new product we have for you is the Robin & Wren Nest Box and this attractive, flat based open nest box has been designed specifically with the Robin and Wren in mind. It’s made from FSC wood and will help attract Robins and Wrens to your garden!

If you’d like to keep up to date with our new products as we add them then please do visit our website and you can find newly available products under the category ‘Latest Products’.

Thank you to all of you who are really helping our wildlife and birds this winter, they’re so precious and every litle thing you can do makes a difference.

Love Your Environment!