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The Spring Box Soil Sieve - Available Exclusively at The Recycle Works

Well now for the long awaited rocking Spring Box Soil Sieve we promised you. This remarkably simple and effective very sturdy product has been recently developed and you may have seen it on Fred the Shed’s articles in Allotment and Leisure Gardener. It was a product we could not pass up and we are delighted to be the sole manufacturer and distributor. Fred the Shed said about it “….and within seconds of using the spring siever I was won over and have to say fairly shocked by its efficiency. This product is about as low tech as you can get and made mostly from (FSC) wood with a few steel parts. The ‘secret’ of the Spring Sieve is that it uses gravity to do the hard work and the springs make it even easier…….. Within minutes of loading the stony soil into the drawer like hopper I had ‘compost like’ clean soil and a separate trug full of stones and roots”.

The reason I like it, – that’s me, Sylvia now -is makes sieving volumes of soil a practical proposition and a job that will get finished. You will not be left in a state of good intentions. The job will get done. Currently the Spring Box Soil Sieve is only available through The Recycle Works website. This may change, but not for the time being.

Offer of the Week – Readers of Sylvia’s Briefs and our Blog will be able to claim an introductory discount of £5.00 only on the first 50 units – Quote discount code ‘SBSS‘ at checkout!