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Weathereye Advanced Weather StationThis is one of the weeks in the year that gardening really becomes fun and starts to entertain us daily at the very least until harvest time. We can become constructive and we can, each one of us, make a difference. The next few weeks will be important in weather terms. We can reasonably expect sunshine, gales, rain, more sunshine, ice and even snow. It is such a formative time for the garden.

Keeping an eye on the weather, whether or not you are a weather spotter, do consider the benefits of our digital weather stations on the website. The Weathereye Advanced Weather Station combines the various instruments necessary for you to monitor a wealth of weather information from the comfort of your own home. and the Weather Eye Professional Touch Screen assembly measures Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Rainfall and Wind Speed and Direction and transmits the data wirelessly to the stylish display console indoors.

Love Your Environment! Love Your Weather!