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Organic White Button Mushroom Kit

These organic mushroom kits carry the HTA badge (Hardware Trades Association) and the bedding carries the CE organic certificate and are available as White, Brown and Shiitake.

There are no Nitrates, Fungicides or Pesticides in the bedding. All the kits have complete traceability.

They come in a coloured box with lots of info on the side. Instructions and suggested recipes inside.

The box is biodegradable, as is the bedding. The plastic tray is recycled and recyclable.

Guaranteed easy to Grow. Each Kit is full of premium quality pre-spawned mushroom compost.

First Crop should be available within a few weeks. 

Each kit will produce up to three flushes (harvests) of mushrooms and the average amount of mushrooms per flush can vary between 400-800gms (results may vary). The other great thing about these kits is that can you literally cut as many or as few mushrooms to use as you wish! These would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift too!

Love Your Environment!