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One of our very valued customers, Michael, has been telling us all about the tips he’s discovered for attracting birds with the Nyjer Seed Feeder he purchased.  We thought you’d all love to know this information so here it is shared for you………..

The Nyjer Seed Feeder in Michael's Garden

“Sylvia, We have had our new feeder with the nyjer seeds up for two weeks with no birds going anywhere near, so I googled to see if anyone else had the same problem.  It’s a common problem, other birds just don’t like the nyjer seeds.  However the best answer said persevere with it as it does attract birds that you don’t get with the other seed.  It also said sprinkle some nyjer seed on the ground as it may help the birds find the feeder. We did this yesterday and this morning we woke to find the birds on the attachment…….fantastic  Regards  Michael”

Michael now tells us they come twice a day without fail and stay for 20 minutes. He took a picture for you and unsurprisingly he is very proud of it.

What do you think? We love it!

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