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Birch Nest Box With Hole

CJ Wildlife tell us that legally it’s now too late to clear out nest boxes for the first time (the law is intended to remove a pretext for egg collecting), but if you’ve been good and cleaned your nest boxes out already it’s worth checking them briefly, just in case there are lots of droppings left by roosting birds or even the remains of a bird that didn’t make it through the winter. Squirrel damage can be quite a problem in some areas so you may need to perform running repairs or fit a metal nest box plate. If the squirrels are really troublesome a Protector nest box can pay for itself in a just a few seasons. Have you got enough nest boxes? Exceptionally a box put up during the first few days of April might be used but the odds decline with each passing day from now on.  

Hole nest boxes should be protected from prevailing weather and full sun, so facing between north, through east to south east with a clear flight path works best. Open nest boxes need to be concealed amongst vegetation, preferably thorny, but with a good view of the surrounding area.