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Six Pack Vegetable Box

We have been watching a bit of Gardener’s World on Telly and we saw the great idea of the GYO Mixed Vegetable Box Raised Bed. So, if you are NOT a dab hand at the hammer and screws activity we have one here, just for you at a price you would find difficult to match if you DIY it yourself!

Naturally, from The Recycle Works  there are no nails, no screws and no holes to dig and it is delivered FREE to your door – with the compost too if you like. You can get one here!

Or, if you are just tasting the alluring GYO pastime try one of our new Starter Kit Raised Bed options. Without doubt they are the best value in town right NOW.

So what’s stopping you getting into GYO? Go on, grow your own!!

Love Your Environment!