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The 'Pope' Charcoal Kiln

This is the best bit of the job when I indulge my pleasure in our new Pope Charcoal Kiln. Such a lot of fun has gone into the development of this absolutely unique portable charcoal making kiln. We know you don’t all go coppicing and will not have any need for one of these kilns, but please take a minute to look at the slide show.  We attracted a few keen helpers on this burn.

This is a very environmental item/occupation, extremely useful to all of you who have a Log Splitter or chain saw. Charcoaling logs in a kiln drives off the moisture in the logs and will substantially increase the heat they give out when used on a log fire. This is called a half burn. If you do a full burn then you get solid charcoal suitable also for burning on log fires and for the ubiquitous barbeque. We even put a few small twigs of ash into a sealed tin and buried it between the logs which gave us charcoal suitable for drawing.

I think this is an occupation for wannabe Boy Scouts and you can count me in! If you really really want one delivery is about 3 weeks at this busy time.

Love Your Environment!