The Strawberry Raised Bed

We also have another wonderful new product – The GYO Strawberry Table Raised Bed – or ‘The Frustrated Slug’!

In our family it will be the frustrated cocker spaniel who can pick strawberries in a trice with her gentle mouth and never puts them in the basket.

In line with the professionals and in response to a customer request we have made you a Strawberry Growing Table. A brilliant idea, which, with a twist of Vaseline on the legs it will confound the slugs and all the Snails, and all their rellies too! Just think with a little bird netting and tie the children’s hands together you stand a good chance of getting a 100% Harvest! Needless to say you can grow what you like, salads for example, but we had Strawberries in mind when we made this Strawberry Table Raised Bed.

Love Your Environment!