Here at The Recycle Works, we try wherever possible to promote recycling in all areas of life and the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign are working hard to help us all waste less food. Did you know that each year we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food? That’s about £50 per family, per month. Incredible!

So here for you, courtesy of are some tips to help us all waste a lot less!

  • Leftovers – being creative with them is a clever way to save money and make what’s in the fridge go further.
  • Know your dates – Food can be eaten right up to a ‘use by’ date or frozen. ‘Best before’ dates are for quality so there is no need to throw out food on the stated date – eggs being the exception.
  • It pays to plan – Make a list before going shopping. Plan your weekly meals and you could save a fortune!
  • Prefect portions – A mug of uncooked rice is the right amount to feed four adults. Try the portion calculator on

Love Your Environment!