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I knew something was up when I saw the flag of St George flying high from Jim’s fork lift truck. As it billows proudly in the breeze we know where Jim’s loyalty lies in the coming weeks. The next thing will be a TV ariel and a small screen in the cab! Interestingly we will not need a radio or TV in the office. During the last Word Cup series Susie and I were practically deafened by the screams and whoops of delight coming from the laundry at the back. The laundry people are still there, so for those of us in the office it will be put up and shut up and have a good laugh with the laundry people.

I am not a lover of sycamore trees. They are a wonderful stature and shape but the leaves take so long to decompose and look a sight when they are lying on the ground. However there are few trees that look so well when in flower and they have been great this year. If you stand silently under these trees you can hear them come alive with the buzz and hum of insects and bees foraging on their abundant pollen and nectar. Now we can expect the June Gap. Beekeepers refer to this term for the two weeks or so after the sycamore has flowered and before the lime flowers. Traditionally at this time we get some rainy days and the bees think about swarming naturally. Then, as the newly made queen cells are capped with wax just wait for the next fine day and there off! You could see a few good swarms in the next two weeks!

Love Your Environment!