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The Six Pack Vegetable Box

The Bank Holiday induced a lot of gardening and hundreds of you stocked up on the good value offers over the weekend. Vegetable plots are the focus of most gardens this year. We are delighted and we hope that many of you will send us some pictures of your  produce. We would love to see them. In fact we will give a FREE 6 Pack Raised Bed for the best one each month to the owner of the best picture, providing we get more than 50 entries. Charlotte gets hundreds of entries for her competitions so we will try to outnumber her. I am sure we can!

This competition will go on until the end of September. Send your pictures at any time to sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk . You may want to start with the salads now, or the Strawberries. I will remind you each week. It could be a lot of fun.

Love Your Environment!