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The Waspinator - A Prefect Solution For Wasps

Flies can be a pest in hot months, but you can keep them at bay without resorting to pesticide fly sprays. Look for non-toxic fly-paper strips that attract the insects with a sweet coating which they will become stuck to. Also, fit bead curtains to doorways to keep flies from entering the house and cover the lid of your compost heap with fly screen material to keep them from breeding inside. (Thank you FoE as always!)

Plus if you want to stop being bothered by wasps and get rid of wasps from areas of the home and garden, just hang up a Waspinator and foraging wasps will think there is already a wasps nest in residence. Then they will keep well away from what they think is a real wasps nest for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders. Back in stock and a great solution!

Love Your Environment!