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Raised Beds Available in Standard or Deep Versions

Last weekend I planted my winter vegetables. Quite exciting and really puts the truth into the GYO 5 a day for the whole year round. Raised Beds are brilliant as they work in the gardener’s favour every time.  Soil is usually stone free and always well drained and loose. The compost does not get compacted and access to the beds is straight forward and kind on the back. You are in control. It is worth remembering that winter vegetables tend to be root vegetables that may need a deep configuration of Raised Bed.

Our Vegetable Compost has been attracted many so many compliments.  One stop shopping is available right here! We have a constant succession of customers wanting to fill some very odd shaped spaces for growing their vegetables. As you know we are all in favour of making the most of every little bit of space you have. So try us. We like a challenge! Also do take a look at the Spare parts to make up your own conformations.

Love Your Environment!