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A major event in the show season is the British Birdwatching Fair, held at Rutland Water from Friday the 20th of August to Sunday the 22nd.

Styled with some justification as the “birdwatchers’ Glastonbury”, one of its strengths is the way that amateurs and novices rub shoulders on equal terms with the learned and the seasoned, the great and the famous, all brought together through a shared appreciation of birdlife in one form or other. Along with the nice family atmosphere, the great thing about “Birdfair” is that the profits generated go towards an annual international conservation project (this year it’s “Saving southern Ethiopia’s endemic birds”), so you’re helping global birdlife just by turning up.

At The Recycle Works we care passionately about our birds and wildlife so plese do support the event. The more we can do the better!

Love Your Environment! Love Your Birds!