The last of the hay seems to be gathered in now, a couple of weeks later than usual. It was a bit like sleeping next to the motorway last night as the hay wagons worked late into the night with powerful searchlights, gathering in before the forecast next onslaught of rain. The next job is the hedges. Already that are blocking the views of road signs and blinding tight corners on country lanes.

Our hedges are really thick after all the rain and all those hedge clippings will need to be shredder if they are to decompose in a reasonable time. We have witnessed an inevitable growth in sales of Shredders in recent weeks. I just love the Lonos 3 shredder. Having had one for about 9 years I still believe there is not a better shredder on the UK market. Lonos (lo-noise) is quiet and works likes a dream. It pulls down the organic waste so you do not have to push everything into it. It drops the shredded waste quietly onto a sheet without throwing and spinning it all over the garden. Nice one.

Love Your Environment! Love Your Shredder!